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In our experience generic financial planning services provided by big box investment firms are synonymous with “quick”, “simplistic”, and “product driven”. This is why we believe “Not All Financial Plans Are Created Equal.”

C-Suite Planning™ is a boutique financial planning firm created to provide specialized planning services to entrepreneurs and executives. Our team are experts in the following four niche planning services:

Executive Financial Planning

Focused financial planning solutions for the aspiring, active, and retired Entrepreneur or Executive!

Exit Planning

Helping business owners unlock the millions of dollars of trapped value tied up in their business

Divorce Financial Planning

Simplifying a complex process by removing emotion and providing equitable divorce strategies to clients and their attorneys

Special Needs Financial Planning

Specialized financial planning services for families with special needs members needing support for decades to come.

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Executive Financial Planning

For over two decades our founder has worked with very successful entrepreneurs and senior executive clients; and yet during that time he noticed many of the big box firms he either worked for, or competed against, lumped most of their clients into the same planning solutions. In fact, to differentiate between clients these firms would tier their service model by assets rather than segment their clients based on the unique solutions required to meet their client’s evolving needs.

This lead him to realize, the hard way, lumping entrepreneurs and executives in with mainstream clients is a significant disadvantage to them. Sadly, the companies he worked for failed to appropriately train their financial planners, including him, which limited the scope of value he could offer.

Fast forward to 2016 an opportunity to break away from the big box firm cookie cutter model was presented to him. For the next four years he worked with a select group of amazing clients to build a set of proprietary planning processes designed specifically for aspiring, active, and retired entrepreneurs, executives, and their families. The end result became the creation of C-Suite Planning™ and our exclusive “Executive Financial Planning” service.

Executive Financial Planning is a service designed specifically to support families with complex planning needs. Our Certified Financial Planners use proprietary planning processes that include, but are not limited to, complex planning frameworks, cash management scenarios, traditional & unique insurance applications, tax planning strategies, and thorough estate planning concepts to simplify our client’s financial life.

Unlike many competitors the clients of C-Suite Planning™ are NOT required to transfer any investment assets to our firm. Instead, clients hire C-Suite Planning™ on an engagement basis with a scope of work clearly outlined ahead of time and for an hourly fee, flat-fee, or monthly retainer.

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Exit Planning

As an entrepreneur and executive of multiple firms our founder has experienced his fair share of struggles. From creating marketing strategies, outlining strategic plans, building cash flow statements, hiring and managing a work force, and so much more he is someone who understands how much time business owners spend building value within a firm. Unfortunately, this puts most business owners in a precarious position as most of their net worth is trapped in their business. With such a large amount of value hidden in a business owner’s firm it is unfortunate to see how few businesses ever reach their full potential and achieve their preferred price – or even sell at all.

According to the Exit Planning Institute’s President & CEO Chris Snyder, less than 30% of businesses that go to market are able to find a buyer. Unfortunately, this leaves many business owners wondering how to transition out of their business while also maintaining their standard of living.

C-Suite Planning’s™ Exit Planners works closely with business owners to assess different exit planning strategies, model their target exit price, work with their attorney & accountants to evaluate the best legal and tax strategies, and work with the client’s business broker or investment banker to arrive at the client’s preferred price.

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Divorce Financial Planning

Divorce is never a pleasant experience. With the divorce rate fluctuating between 40-70%, depending on how many marriages someone has experienced, it has become an unfortunate reality in the modern American household.

To realize how common it is for families to end in a divorce clients should be able to rely on their financial professionals to help them address, forecast, and resolve divorce related concerns. Unfortunately, the sad truth is many big box firms prohibit their financial professionals from participating in divorce planning, or negotiations, which forces their clients to navigate the financial frustrations of divorce with their attorney – or worse, on their own.

When our founder created our firm he decided to create an entire service model dedicated to divorce. As a divorcee himself he took from his personal experiences, his professional experiences, and his formal education to construct a comprehensive solution focused on supporting entrepreneurs, executives, and their families during this emotional time.

As the family goes through turmoil emotions tend to run hot which can lead to the family’s finances can becoming a battleground. With judges focusing on the best interest of the child, determining the difference between what is separate property and marital property, and deciding what an equitable distribution should be at dissolution it is extremely important to remove emotions during this difficult time.

C-Suite Planning’s™ Certified Divorce Financial Analysts will help you prepare for divorce, evaluate income inequality, fight for an equitable distribution, assess the impact of child support & alimony payments, calculate the present value of pensions, work with your attorney to reach an acceptable property settlement agreement, and a lot more.

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Special Needs Financial Planning

Financial planning for special needs families is not an out of the box solution. Too often entrepreneurs, executives, and their family are grouped in with mainstream investors which can result in missed opportunities, lack of appropriate planning solutions for all family members, and special needs family members at risk of losing government benefits.

As the father of special needs child our founder holds special needs financial planning near and dear to his heart. This is why he created a set of planning solutions to meet a family’s long term planning needs based on the planning work he completed for his family.

C-Suite Planning’s™ Chartered Special Needs Consultants are trained to provide comprehensive planning solutions that incorporate special needs trusts, evaluate government benefits, provide estate planning strategies, incorporate life insurance planning, work with a client’s special needs lawyer, and a lot more.

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If there was one group of individuals with a set of constantly changing daily demands that operates under extreme stress most of the time it would have to be the American Entrepreneur. With the average business’s failure rate after five years being over 50% it is no surprise why so many people are scared to take the leap of faith to start a business. For those who are lucky enough to succeed and make it beyond their fifth, or even tenth year, in business their attention is usually focused in the business and participating in their family – when they have the time. This is why many entrepreneurs delegate so many of their tasks to those they trust.

C-Suite Planning™ was created specifically to help entrepreneurs delegate their personal financial planning needs to highly qualified financial experts. While the entrepreneur is focused on building and managing their business our Certified Financial Planners will focus on helping them manage their finances, extract value from their business without directly diluting the business’s value, and ensuring their family is protected throughout the process. At the same time, as needed, our Exit Planners can work with our entrepreneurs to evaluate exit strategies in order to prepare for the inevitable transition out of the business.

In the end, our entrepreneur clients, and family, can confidently entrust their future planning needs with our experts to use a set of processes built specifically for them.


While all entrepreneurs are executives, all executives are not entrepreneurs – although they have many similarities. Many executives are responsible for running divisions within a larger organization which could be thought of as running a business within a larger business. They have to fight for resources, hire and manage team members, create value within their division – and across the larger firm, meet firm deadlines, and so much more. Aspiring, and current, executives tend to invest a lot of their time building other people’s businesses which unfortunately means they have less time to focus on their personal, or family’s, needs.

Similar to how C-Suite Planning™ supports entrepreneurs with personal financial planning needs, our firm has customized our processes to fit the needs of our executive clients as well. In fact we operate two sets of proprietary processes – one for entrepreneurs and the other for executives. This allows our Certified Financial Planners to create a unique experience for each client and tailor the advice for their particular needs. No longer will our executive clients have to wonder what to do with their upcoming vesting stock options, or how to manage the tax impact of managing capital gains and ordinary income scenarios, or how to build and protect their families wealth using generic financial planning solutions.

At C-Suite Planning™ the entire experience has been carefully designed to meet your current and future financial needs.